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Author Biography


Jason Jones Sheppard

Jason Sheppard has been writing poetry for over a quarter of a century. He has participated in programs such as Poetry at Tech and Huntsville Literary Association poetry workshop. He is completing his undergraduate degree in Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry at Southern New Hampshire University. He has published poems in Blue Collar Review, Poem, and Main Street Rag. He is a member of North Carolina Poetry Society and AWP. He plans to refine his craft by pursuing a Master’s of Fine Arts. He writes accessible, relatable, and cathartic poetry addressing the profound in the everyday.

4 thoughts on “Author Biography

  1. Hello, I’m a writer of essays, short stories, but mostly poetry. It’s nice to know there are others pursuing this brief, and sometimes foolish jaunt.

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    1. “Jaunt”—love the word. It takes a special individual to dedicate most of their time and all of their mind to an activity so few others care for. I said we were special, but just downright strange maybe the case. I can’t account for the hardwork and dedication we put in to this private wordplay. To quote a poem by my favorite poet, Gerald Costanzo, “Over
      and over I do it, not for the fame,
      god, not for the money,
      but for what darker, sweeter

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